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We aim to create a safe and secure working environment for everybody who has the potential to be affected by our activities. Company assets shall be secured and protected against misuse, fraud and other illegal activities.


To meet this commitment our business units will:

  • Develop and implement a systematic approach to security within the regulatory and other requirements mandated by law in which we operate and in accordance with the appropriate national or international standards
  • Assess and monitor security risks, threats, transport and delivery arrangements to those locations where we operate
  • Ensure formal security measures and controls are in place to effectively manage identified security risks and threats at every location where ou business is undertaken
  • Ensure appropriate response procedures are in place and regularly tested to minimize the impact of any security incident or emergency
  • Measure, appraise and report on security performance
  • Provide appropriate security training to employees and actively promote security awareness
  • Report and investigate all incidents that have occurred due to breach in security
  • Empower all our employees to refrain from actions that they consider a threat to security
  • Engage with our clients, companies we work with, partners or suppliers who endeavor to ensure that their security standards match our own
  • Periodically review the suitability and effectiveness of this policy, our management systems, targets and objectives


Responsibility for compliance with this policy lies with the Group Executive Officer, Area Managers, Project Managers and their respective business unit Department Managers. It is also a responsibility of individuals to endeavor to be aware of possible security risks and to take measures commensurate with the environment, in which they live, work or travel. Our business units will implement this policy through their documented business management system and conduct periodic audits and reviews to verify compliance and promote continual improvement.